Danny Morel is a Real Estate Sales Coach and Founder of Intero Real Estate Services of Southern California – one of the area’s fastest growing real estate companies. With close to 20 years Experience in the real estate business as a coach, mentor, investor and broker. Danny’s interest in the real estate industry began with the simple dream of buying his mother a house by the age of 21. He embarked on a career as a Sales Person at 19 and by 27 earned 1.5 million in commissions during the course of one calendar year. Even more impressive was his ABSOLUTE commitment to creating a business that was the complete opposite of the norm in the industry. While others struggled to close 30 transactions while working 7 days a week, Danny Successfully closed 150 transaction that year while only averaging 4.5 days a week of work.

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“Danny truly has a unique and unrivaled ability to motivate and inspire people . Agents that learn from him exceed the expectations they’ve set for themselves and build brilliant careers. Danny’s vision of their success inspires them and in turn, Danny’s abilities as a leader inspire me.”
Gino Blefari, CEO - HSF Affiliates LLC
“Danny Morel is one of the most dynamic, young real estate entrepreneurs in the country. I know him to be a highly effective leader with presentation skills that are among the best I have ever seen. Danny is a sure thing—and he is in the process of building a real estate empire that will transcend the industry for years to come.”
Gary Acosta, Co-Founder / CEO, NAHREP
“Danny has an uncanny ability to help people see their true potential and move them to take action that they would have never taken before. After 28 years in the Real Estate Industry and time spent at the helm of the largest real Estate Franchisor in the world, I have had the pleasure of meeting a handful of people that really influence and move our industry—and Danny Morel is one of them.”
Bob Moles, Trulia Board Member, Former CEO The Cendant Group
“I have known Danny through our connection in the Real Estate Industry. His passion for life, his love for his family, and his desire to see everyone succeed are just a few things I admire about Danny. When I had a challenge, I discussed it with Danny. His words to me were so profound: ‘Evelyn, did you do your absolute best?’ Those words stay with me every day and have helped me to push myself beyond my pre conceived road blocks.”
Evelyn Blanks




Intero Real Estate Services

Danny Made the decision to align himself with Intero, a Berkshire Hathaway company and the Country’s 13th largest Real Estate company in closed Volume for one Reason: Leadership.
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Integrity 1st Escrow manages over 800 Escrow transactions a year exclusively for Danny’s Real Estate Companies.

Alterra Home Loans

At Alterra Home Loans we want you to experience the magic of being at home. So, no matter if it’s a villa, bungalow, condo, ranch, duplex, or mansion, we’ve got you covered.
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Latest News From Danny’s Blog:

How it all began

If you’ve been following our videos this week… I know I owe you a video on Rejection. We’ve shared with you three videos this week on the key WORDS that you must acknowledge in order to breakthrough in your Real Estate Sales business.

Commitment : Commitment shows up everywhere

Standards : The higher you Standards the higher the result

Confrontation : Nothing changes if you’re not willing to confront the situation […]

Confrontation by Danny Morel

Part 3 of our four part series. Hopefully by now you realize the importance of Commitment and your Standards have been raised, its time to look at what keeps us from actually do something about BOTH OF THEM. […]

Standards by Danny Morel

Standards… what are they and most importantly at what level do we uphold our current Standards? In part two of our 4 part series we discuss what this word means to us and the specific areas that we can immediately increase our standards in to give us an increase in production.

Commitment by Danny Morel

I decided to create a four part series to speak about what you can do to drastically enhance your production.  So many of us think it has to do with the “how to” of the business… You know, Where do I get business from?  What Do I say once I get it? How do I close?

All though all of these are important,I believe the issue is a deeper one.  Over the next four days we will be discussing four words that I think hold the keys to drastically re shaping our industry, and as a result your personal production. In this video I talk about the word Commitment, we discuss the fact that Commitment leaves clues… and a lack of commitment does as well. […]

“The Back of the Room”

I recently had an opportunity to speak at the 2015 Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas. The event was spectacular, offering what I think was truly the best lineup of speakers from the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries I had personally ever seen. I was deeply impressed by the vision and leadership of Steven Marshall, the founder of the event, and it was truly an honor to participate in it. […]

New Read : Elon Musk

Just wrapped up Zero to One By Peter Thiel, still working on Sell or be Sold , Scaling Up and the 48 laws of power…. As I f I needed another book.

I Couldn’t help it , picked this up the moment I saw it.
What are you reading?