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Welcome to another episode of #AskDannyLive. We have some great questions today coming to you LIVE. If you want to participate in #AskDannyLive, tune in on Thursdays LIVE with me and get your business questions answered.

Today we have some solid business lessons. I want to talk about a post I made today on Instagram stories (make sure you are following me there!). I had a controversial post today and I want to address it. As an entrepreneur the biggest thing you will have to battle is you have 1 word that will change everything. If you master this work you will be successful. That word is OPTION.

The reality is as an employee, you DON’T have an option. You just have to show up when you are expected to show up. What happens when you go from an employee to entrepreneur you have the OPTION to show up. If you are your own boss. The option is YOURS.

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