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Hey Guys,

We are back with another #AskDannyLive Short episode. I am at the Tesla dealership today, which a move I made to help with environmental reasons. But here’s what happened. My car had been rattling very badly. My assistant brought the car in, and they didn’t see anything wrong and when I got the car back it was worse. So as I am getting more mad, I am making a story in my head. You all know what we are talking about- you make a story to rationalize the feelings of frustrations.

So when I get to the service station myself I start chatting with the employee. He helped me realized it was just a system update in the car that has caused it to add a notification. It was a safety feature in my new car, not an issue or problem. He fixed it right then.

The lesson is- we create these stories in our minds to feel justified. These negative stories never help us. You need to see past these stories. Don’t get stuck in them. Try to see the truth in all situations, not just when things do or don’t go your way.


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