Episode 93 :

Live Q&A

with Danny Morel

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On this edition of “The Danny Morel Show” we go LIVE with Danny to answer some of your best question and your biggest concerns.
My biggest goal as a person is to genuinely help you change your life and build your perspective.

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Question one (6:25) – Carol Perez: “What should be my first lead-gen-system that I should master?”
Answer: (11:30)

Question two (12:40) – Starkey Realty: “How many hours are your prospecting daily to reach a million-dollar goal?”
Answer 1: (13:10)
Answer 2: (16:20)

Question three (17:21) – Ernesto: “What are your top organizational tools?”
Answer 1 (17:48)
Answer 2 (18:18)

Question four (19:50) – Adrian: “How do you choose what to implement from all of the coaching and training we receive and where do you find the time to implement?”
Answer 1 (20:07)
Answer 2 (22:13)

Question five (26:35) – Rachel: “I’ve set multiple accountabilities, if I or my partners mess up should I keep setting goals?”
Answer (27:11)

Question six (28:09) – Jeff: “What systems and processes need to be implemented to go from one million to five million?”
Answer (28:35)

Question seven (35:10) – Christopher : “I have a goal of 60 closed deals for the year, I am at 40…am I on track?”
Answer 1 (37:00)
Answer 2 (38:40)

There you have it, another amazing session with business and life coach Danny Morel. Get out there make it happen and be ready for your next opportunity to ask a question…you never know what you’ll get as an answer.

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