Everyone’s talking about cryptocurrency, and there’s a frantic need to invest in it. How does it play into the overall scheme of building wealth? What is the greatest investment you can ever make? How do you break out of mediocrity? On this episode, I give my thoughts on Bitcoin and how to think about investing in it.


  • We want a quick, exciting, and easy path to wealth, but that doesn’t exist.
  • People’s standards are so low that the minute they start doing a little better they hover there.
  • If you’re going to mine anything, mine yourself and invest in yourself.

The truth about Bitcoin is that it isn’t the game– your psychology is. Why would you invest in another company when you can invest in yourself: the one company that you know for a fact is going to give you the greatest return on investment? You will do better for your future and family by looking at what you’re currently doing and thinking of how you can maximize it by developing your mind and developing your capacity to grow financially. Make a commitment to never go backwards in your life, and demand that growth. Remember, money spent on a book is the best stock you can ever buy.


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