There are two ways to think. You can think big, or you can think small. You can’t think medium. Your brain isn’t wired that way. The reality is that most of us are conditioned to think small, to think negative, to think limits. How do you handle this so your own thoughts don’t sabotage your dreams? In this short episode we share the first step to take control of your thinking.

Understand that sometimes in life, you have to eliminate the gray, and make things either black or white. – Danny Morel


Tactics + Takeaways

  • Eliminate all gray areas in your thinking.
  • You don’t have to allow your mind to run unchecked.
  • When you think big, you get big. And everyone can CHOOSE to think big.

The challenge we face is not a money challenge, it’s a mind challenge. It’s easy to get excited about new years, new dreams, new goals. The difficult thing is understanding how it actually happens. Start by taking note of your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself, don’t get depressed or get down on yourself. Become aware of the way you think about things and react to things. That allows you set yourself up for the next level.


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