This week, I did a LIVE session to answer some questions about developing yourself and your business. The recurring theme you’ll see is that success has to start from within. For those not selling a physical product, realize that YOU are the product. Your passion, beliefs, convictions–everything about you– makes the product of YOU.

We also address the questions: Why is business maturity so important? What does it mean to “become the quote”? And many more! Join us for this excellent live session as we talk about building blocks of success and build hype for Relentless 2018.

Tactics + Takeaways

  • You have to win the battle between your two ears: with your emotions.
  • Business maturity = Self maturity
  • The further along you are in business, the further along you are in developing yourself.
  • Your dream has to be so important and so vivid that nothing stops you.

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