I’m Danny and I want to tell you the truth about what it takes to succeed. But before I do, let me tell you a story.

It starts with a 16 year old kid watching Beverly Hills 90210 . . .

Remember that show? Though I realized the show was fictional, I knew people lived the upscale, lavish lifestyles depicted by these characters.

My family, on the other hand, was broke. Despite her best efforts, my wonderful mother couldn’t climb out of a deep financial rut. We were on food stamps, barely able to pay our rent, and struggled in poverty. We lived in a crummy apartment in an even crummier neighborhood.

It bothered me – no, it angered me – knowing people out there lived lives of abundance while I lived a life of scarcity.

But all that changed.

Lying in bed the day after graduation, I had a choice to make — Get a job like everyone else and play it safe, or set my sights high and go for it.

I didn’t toil with the decision. I didn’t grapple with fear or worry about failing. In that moment, I knew I had the ability to shape my destiny into whatever I wanted it to be. I knew I deserved more; that my family deserved more.

And so do you.

I set one goal and one goal only – buy my mother and brothers a house by 21.

With less than 3 years to go, I quickly realized I wouldn’t reach my goal working for someone else. So when I stumbled upon the real estate industry, and its ability to generate staggering income while helping others, I was intrigued.

I joined a small local brokerage and set a new goal for my first year: Become the #1 broker in the firm.

Goal accomplished.

Over the next several years, I continued setting bigger goals.

Make 50 sales in one year.

Goal accomplished.

Make 100 sales in another year.

Goal accomplished.

Earn $1.5m in sales by age 27.

You guessed it..

I soon started setting goals that had greater impact on helping others. You see, I realized that anything I wanted was possible when I followed a few simple steps.

Today I oversee and run several companies that generate over 40m a year in revenue — a far stretch from the poor kid watching Beverly Hills 90210 hoping for a better life. Not only am I able to provide for my family, I also help others provide for theirs.

Maybe you’re watching the same kind of show right now.

In your show, you’re watching the characters living the life you’re meant to live. You see the business of your dreams, running the way you want it to run, and generating the profits you want it to generate.

It’s possible. I’m here to show you how.

Success is yours . . . go take it!

-Danny Morel

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