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Imagine yourself becoming never having to worry about finding new leads again, while also having the skillset and confidence needed to close more prospects in less time.  This is EXACTLY what our program has done for Hundreds of agents already and its the same thing DOD will do for you

Gain IMMEDIATE access to the 4 fundamental pillars of success that drive quantum leaps in your production

Generate: Learn how to Generate more business, where to look for leads and how to get them to work with YOU vs the competition
Convert All the toughest objections you face, the nervous feeling when it’s time to close… GONE. You will gain access to the scripts and instructions needed to convert leads with ease
Cultivate: learn how to build a following…. a following that refers you business continuously and generates you residual income through residual sales
Mindset: Get focused on the right vision, the right focus and the right mission through Danny’s members-only Mindset classes

All of this AND you get MONTHLY access to one of our incredible Training Modules


Mastering Expired Listings

Increasing your Average Commission Rate

Creating Client Control

Mastering the Seller PreQual Process

Mastering The Buyer Prequel Process

The Listing Presentation

The Pricing Property System

Objection Handling: The Commission Objection

Objection Handling: I want to list it for more

Objection Handling: Let me think about it 

Not only do you get access to our entire Sales VAULT, but you also get access ONCE MONTH to a Live Teaching with Danny… direct from his office!

If you buy a Yearly Subscription, you will recieve a free Preferred Ticket to Relentless IV